Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Where Have I Been and When Did THAT Happen?

1. iPods & MP3 players? ...I just got a DVD player (seriously).

2. 20-somethings are calling me "Ma'am"

3. I thought Keyshia Cole was Natalie Cole's daughter

4. Tyra Banks & Tyler Perry (what happened to Chris Webber?)

5. DeAngelo lost the abs?

6. Jay-Z & Damon Dash broke up?

7. The 2 black hairs under my chin and the one just below my lower lip

8. Wanting to be seen with Flavor Flav (in public or private)

9. Writing stuff down before I forget

10. Referring to the past in terms like, "...that was 15 or 20 years ago"

11. Plasma screens, HDTV, LCD, etc.


13. Sending text messages instead of calling 900#s

14. Nip/Tuck...I didn't know you could show THAT on primetime tv!

15. Gas at $3+...I remember $.99

16. Jermaine & Janet (the question should be HOW???WHY???)

17. Having a home phone is no longer necessary

18. Lil Bow Wow is grown

19. CeeLo became Gnarles Barkley (no, i really didn't know at first)

20. Blogging

21. Kia and Hyundai making good cars

22. Kids with cell phones

Tracking Hurricane Gustav