Monday, September 04, 2006

Can't Do Without

I've found that there are some things in life that I just can't do without:

1. At least 3 tubes of lipstick in my purse at all times. People always ask me what shade of lipstick I'm wearing. I'm usually wearing at least 2 shades. I haven't found any 1 shade that I like yet.

2. Sleeping with the lamp on. If my nightstand lamp is not turned on, I won't hear my alarm clock in the mornings because my body thinks it's still nighttime. My bedroom window faces west, so I don't get direct sunlight in the mornings.

3. The Whole Foods Market. Literally changed my life. Earlier this year, I got an unfavorable report from the doctor (no, I'm not dying and don't have any diseases!). Instead of taking the lifelong regimine of pills that he prescribed (which in the long term would have done more damage than good), I did some research and immediately stopped eating fast food and processed grocery store foods, and drinking caffeinated, carbonated drinks and went organic all the way. I see results already. I can't wait for my check up next year!

4. A calculator. I have a sad confession. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. I graduated at the top of my class. I tutor in Algebra, Geometry, and Calculus. I was 6 hrs away from a minor in Mathematics...but I CAN'T BALANCE MY CHECKBOOK WITHOUT A CALCULATOR! It's sad but it's true. I can tell you of at least 2 occasions where I attempted to balance it by hand, and ended up making errors to the tune of over $1000 total. Let me tell you, it's not cute to be looking cute standing in line at the bank and be told, "uh Ma'am, you have to have this amount in your account in order to get a certified check." HUH? WHAT DO YOU MEAN?! I KNOOOWWWW THAT MONEY IS IN THERE! "Ma'am, I'm sorry, here's a printout." I went home, got my CALCULATOR and discovered on that occasion that I had mis-balanced my account by about $500...ouch.

5. A vehicle with leather seats and a sunroof. Now don't get me wrong, I don't mind riding on cloth interior in someone else's car, I just don't care for it in mine (no, I'm not bourgeois...refer to the post "What You Probably Didn't Know"). Gotta have the sunroof. Somehow riding with the roof open makes me feel that much closer to God.

6. Football in the fall. Growing up, Friday night (or Saturday morning) football was just a way of life. Every boy in my family played football. My sister and I were cheerleaders. I played flag football in college and for Team USA until a few years ago. It's just a part of who I am.

7. Going on vacations with my family. Sounds boring? Then you don't know my family. Just to give you a taste of one of our last trips, picture this. I'm laying in the bed in the hotel room and there's a knock at the door. My mother opened it and it's my grandmother. At 71, she's one of the foxiest grandmothers you'll ever meet. So I hear her ask my mother how she looked. Then she sashayed over to ask my opinion of her outfit. Honestly she looked okay from the head to the knees. Then the problems started. I couldn't believe that my gradmother is standing there at 9 in the morning with a shirt, shorts, sandals and fishnet pantyhose on. Yes, I said FISHNET pantyhose.

Me: "Momee, where are you going with that on?!"
Momee: "Oh, what you talkin' about? I'm not in style?"
Me: "No Ma'am. Why are you wearing fishnets?"
Momee: "Well, I have these scars on my knees and they just look so bad. I was trying to cover them up. I thought it was in fashion to wear fishnets. I'm glad you told me 'cause I bought them in a few more colors."
Me: "Fishnets are in, but not like that. Your knees look fine without them."

That vacation was over a year ago. Lately, the last 2 times I've seen her, she had the fishnets on. (Most recently was last week) But, she's still the hottest grandma on the block!

You can't imagine the stories I can tell from going on vacations with these people. Like the time I caught my mother in the hotel mirror doing the Beyonce booty shaking dance. Then, she had the nerve to challenge me! She wanted to have a dance-off with me! Has the whole world gone mad?!

8. Music. I go to bed and wake up with a song in my head. Music is just a part of who I am. I'm sure it started before I was born (thanks Daddy!). I have a library of music in my head that is mind boggling. Music energizes me. Music soothes me. Music encourages me. Music comforts me. If it were up to me, every era of my life would have a soundtrack. Right now my life could be summed up in the immortal words of Chaka Khan "I'm Every Woman" or Karyn White "I'm Not Your Superwoman". Lately I feel like I've been doing the work of 20 women. I'm doin' TOO MUCH. I need to get away. It must be time for another family vacation.

Feel free to comment and tell me what you can't do without!

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