Sunday, March 09, 2008

Go See My Cousin Raven in "College Road Trip"

YES!!! Raven-Symone is my cousin. Although we have never met in person, we found out who she was shortly after she started making her mark as "Olivia" on the Cosby Show. My great-grandmother and her grandfather (or grandmother is calling me back to confirm) were brother and sister!

Genes don't lie. Pictured are my grandmother, me, and my cousins Dextria, Constance & Amanda (photo taking during an impromptu Christmas hat party).

It's been fun to watch her grow up and we are proud that she has remained grounded and true to herself in the face of all the foolishness that is the norm for young Hollywood.

Go support this movie. Not just because of my family ties, but as we have seen with the success of the Tyler Perry movies, when we support black films we help to open the door for more opportunities for the next generation of black screenwriters, producers, directors, and actors. (more at Black Voices College Road Trip)

Check out the movie trailer:

Tracking Hurricane Gustav