Wednesday, March 05, 2008

What is the Prize?

Sometimes we are so naive and lazy. We believe everything we see on the news and everything we read on the internet. Remember the "KKK Endorses Obama" email that was floating around? I heard a nationally syndicated radio show talking about it as if it were the absolute truth. The sad part about it is all one had to do was a little research to find out that it orginated from a satirical publication in the UK. *sighs* Sometimes we seem so gullable and we wonder why "they" don't respect us.

All of the 80's babies should remember R.I.F. - Reading is Fundamental. I guess it was in the 80's but not anymore. People will pass on anything sent via email without thought for whether or not it is true. Beware of mass deception that has occurred and will continue to occur because we won't do the necessary research to stay informed.

Has anybody actually gone to the candidates websites to get the facts for yourselves? I hadn't either. Seemed like too much work, until now. It's not enough that the candidate is black, white, male, female, great orator, great debator, etc. I had a moment of enlightenment when watching "The State of the Black Union" on CSPAN an last weekend (that's a post within itself...why was I home on a Friday night watching CSPAN?! my 9-year old niece suggests that I check out ...LOL!). Panel member Dr. Eddie Glaude, who is a BRILLIANT, young brother and protege of Dr. Cornell West, made a profound statement when evaluating the possibility of our nation's first black president. His thought-provoking question was, "What is the prize?"

Research, think, discuss, decide.

We can change the world. Check out Derrick over at Take Back the Mic.

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