Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm in the movie "A Good Man Is Hard To Find"

Hey - to all my fans, stans, and stalkers! You can check me out on a new movie that has been released on DVD. Go rent or buy "A Good Man is Hard to Find" today! It was filmed here in Baton Rouge and is the first of several "faith based" movies that will be shot in Louisiana. I had the privilege of being a background extra and actually got a lot of camera time for an extra.

You can see me pretty clearly in all the choir scenes. I'm standing right behind Bishop Noel Jones. There is a choir rehearsal scene where I'm in a blue shirt and jeans. I'm in the background in the art gallery scene, though you only see my side profile. I also walk through the emergency room near the end of the movie. I'm a doctor (with a ponytail) at the desk in the background while the three main characters are doing their parts. As I walk out of the scene, I'm putting a pen in my shirt pocket...that was my improv...LOL!!!

Anyway, check it out. It's a pretty good film. It's a tear jerker for the sentimentals out there.
A Good Man is Hard to Find is the story of three women who each undergo romantic crises that challenge their personal and spiritual relationships. Each must overcome personal demons, resist temptations and withstand bad decisions so they can learn how to find and hold on to... a good man. (source)

My pastor's wife is in it too. She plays Golden Brooks' mother. Watch the trailer here.

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