Monday, May 12, 2008

O.J.'s "Alleged" Confession

Okay. I was really trying to resist the urge to write about this. I really was, but as I was reading the article, so many things jumped out at me.

A memorabilia dealer who profited from O.J. Simpson for many years has written a tell-all book, one alleging that a groggy Simpson, high on marijuana, confessed to killing his ex-wife after he was acquitted.

Mike Gilbert also claims that he helped his former friend wiggle out of the murder charges by suggesting how to bloat his hands so they wouldn't fit the notorious bloody gloves...he counseled the jailed Simpson during his murder trial to stop taking his arthritis medicine so his hands would swell up and not fit the bloody gloves in court.
So, at first he said that OJ confessed after the trial, then he says that he helped him swell up so the gloves wouldn't fit which would indicate some sort of admission of guilt before the trial was finished right?

Okay, well here's another twist:

According to Gilbert, Simpson said he went to his ex-wife's condominium but did not bring a knife with him. Simpson told him Nicole Brown Simpson had one in her hand when she opened the door. In a soft mumble, Simpson told him: "If she hadn't opened that door with a knife in her hand ... she'd still be alive."
If that were true, why would OJ have been wearing gloves in the first place?

Anyway, you can read the whole article if you want to. The obvious contradictions were just too much for me to ignore. Not interested in wasting any more of my time on it. Have a great day.

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