Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Olympic Gold Medalist Drugged with Date-Rape Pills

Two-time Olympic Gold Medalist ice dancer Pasha Grishuk was drugged with GHB, a common date rape drug, during a business meeting at a ritzy Orange County hotel, a sheriff's spokesman said Tuesday (source).

Feeling sick and numb, Grishuk noticed a partially dissolved pill in her drink at dinner and then investigators found another dissolved pill in the bottom of a drink she ordered from the hotel's lounge.

It is not clear who was attempting to drug the former Olympian. The investigation is ongoing.

Has anybody seen Tonya Harding hanging around O.C. lately?

On a serious note, this is a whole new level. This happened at a posh hotel in Orange County. Ladies, watch your drinks and teach your daughters to do the same! Better yet, just order bottled water or something that hasn't been opened.

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