Thursday, April 03, 2008

Senator's Husband Admits Paying for Sex

Can somebody call T.D. Jakes and set up a church service at FedEx field in Maryland? Invite all the congressmen, governors, mayors, senators, and cabinet members, in addition to pastors, evangelists, ministers, deacons, and choir directors for the express purpose of having a mass altar call. Can everybody just show up on the same day, admit to their sexual escapades, apologize to their spouses, repent to the Lord, and just move on?

So another political leader gets bitten by sex for hire, but this time it's the elected official's husband who was the customer. Sen. Debbie Stabenow's husband told authorities that he paid $150 for a prostitute. After getting caught up in a stake out at the Residence Inn in Troy, MI, Thomas Athans admitted to the police officer who stopped him "that he had just met a female at the Residence Inn, where he paid $150 for sex."
The doors of the church are open. Is there one?

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